Monday, December 31, 2007

Smother Movie Trailer (Has IKAN Bowler in It)

Hi all!

I still don't know when the movie Smother will be released in theaters, or if it will go straight to video, but below is the trailer (movie preview) for it. With Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler (two of Hollywood's A-list in my opinion) I would think it would be released in theaters. But, anyway, our wheelchair bowling device, the IKAN Bowler, is attached to a three-wheeled scooter (scooter bowling, anyone?:) and makes an appearance at the 1:44 point of the trailer. As a word of caution, the movie is R-rated and the trailer is probably PG-13 (although children probably wouldn't pickup on the innuendo)...

Click HERE for the direct YouTube link.

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