Thursday, March 31, 2011

Civitan Clubs Use IKAN Bowler to Help People with Disabilities

The Mission Statement for Civitan International is:

"To build good citizenship by providing a volunteer organization of clubs dedicated to serving individual and community needs with an emphasis on helping people with developmental disabilities."

Civitan members in Louisiana were excited to learn about the IKAN Bowler and how it can empower wheelchair users (click HERE for how).  They have purchased three IKAN Bowlers for use by people in their communities.  They also invited our company (Manufacturing Genuine Thrills, Inc. a.k.a. MGT) to attend the International Civitan Convention in New Orleans in July to help spread awareness about our IKAN Bowler, which we are planning to do.

Civitan Clubs exist in many communities throughout the U.S. and World.  If you're interested in seeing if your local Civitan Club will help empower wheelchair users in your community with the IKAN Bowler, email my MGT co-founding partner Vincent Tifer at for whom to contact.

Bill Miller :-)
C1-2 Quadriplegic with a 221 High Bowling Game
Co-founder of Manufacturing Genuine Thrills Inc. d/b/a MGT
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