Monday, May 31, 2010

New Record for Female Bowlers with MD

Peggy Overbey's 167 Is New Record for Females with Muscular Dystrophy

Chalk up the new record as a belated Mother's Day gift.  At our central Florida Quad Squad Bowling outing yesterday, Peggy Overbey's Mom, for the first time, got to come watch her daughter bowl.  And Peggy wasted no time in SHATTERING her previous best of 138 BY TWENTY-NINE PINS!

And to prove her 167 was no fluke, Peggy bowled 165 in her second game!  That was impressive bowling, and a fitting gift for Mom.  I say that because Mom & family chipped in to buy Peggy her IKAN Bowler for Christmas.

Peggy opened with FIVE STRAIGHT marks, before a split ended her streak in the 6th frame.  After open frames in the 7th & 8th, Peggy rebounded with a double (two strikes) in the 9th & 10th and finished with the new record for a female with Muscular Dystrophy, 167.

I actually think Peggy's second game was more impressive than her first, even though it totaled two fewer pins.  Peggy had marks in 8 of her 10 frames, and she had splits (i.e. hard or impossible spare attempts) in her only two open frames.  (For any able-bodied bowler reading this, you may think "no spare is impossible" but with our limited ball speed, the 7-10 split is impossible for us to pickup.  But I caught some of Peggy's magic and did convert the difficult 6-7-10 split (link) for my 8th time in 8 years of dynamic-style wheelchair bowling.)

Peggy cooled off in her last two games, but everyone watching was thrilled at what Peggy had already accomplished -- especially her Mom.


Peggy's new record scoresheet is HERE.

For Peggy's previous best, click HERE.

Keep up the good work Peggy!

Bill Miller :-)
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