Monday, November 30, 2015

Wheelchair User Bowls a 232 and 607 Series

Last month, Curtis Wolff bowled a 232 in the first game of a three-game series totaling 607 pins. That is not too shabby for almost anyone, but it is ridiculously good for someone who is essentially paralyzed from his chest down.

Bowling 200+ in a single game is quite an achievement for a wheelchair user.

Bowling 600+ (total pins) for a three-game series is truly an extraordinary achievement for a wheelchair user.

To my knowledge, Curtis is now the third IKAN Bowler® user to have ever bowled a 600 series – but the first to do it during a sanctioned USBC league.

Curtis and seven other IKAN Bowler® users are members of the 200 club.

Here are the details in a slightly edited version from how he emailed them to me…

Hi Bill,

I just started my third year bowling in a USBC league with my IKAN Bowler. I am a C4, C5 quadriplegic with acute flaccid paralysis caused by the West Niles Virus.  We’ve corresponded in the past as I let you know about my first 200 game.  Since then I’ve had several more 200’s but this past week I hit a milestone.  Going into the tenth frame of my first game I had a legitimate chance to beat your record 255.  Well, your record is still intact as I actually opened in the tenth and ended up with a 232.

But that’s not the end. The next game I shot 187 and the last game was exciting as I needed a spare and count to break 600.  I didn’t choke this time and ended with a 188 and a 607 scratch series.

Before getting my illness I was a scratch bowler and competed at the national level.  And, while I reluctantly started to bowl again, I have persevered through starting all over and my league average is 154 and on the rise.  I’ve been consistently in the 500’s practicing this summer and fully anticipate to be averaging 180 or better by the end of this season.  My scores aren’t like the old days…. yet; but, the potential is there and am planning to compete in both the amateur bowler’s tour as well as national wheelchair tournaments in the near future.

Attached are my attested league scores as well as the computer printout from the AMF bowling center.  I’m not sure if this any type of record (I’ve seen your combined awesome score) but, I think it’s important to note this was true dynamic bowling and in a sanctioned USBC league utilizing two lanes in regular league play format.  Not a group outing. I have to wait my turn, going on and off the lanes, alternate lanes every other frame and keep up with everyone bowling on the pair. (Four person teams, 30 teams) Pretty tough to stay consistent.

A three game series of 607 is a 202.33 average. Not bad and, by the way, you can see I had a few opens so there is still room to improve. Next goal 700.

This attachment with my scoresheet should open in Adobe or other readers.

Hope all is well and if you can add this to the records some way it would be great. By the way I drive with a joystick and have limited hand movement.

Thanks for helping invent the IKAN Bowler and your hard work.  Hopefully we can meet sometime and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Curt Wolff
Thornton, Colorado 

Terrific bowling Curt!

And I am planning to add a page on the wheelchair bowling records website to recognize 200 and 600 club members and achievements.

Keep it up Curt – if you do have a 700 series, I will spotlight it too!
Bill Miller :-)
C1-2 Quadriplegic with a 255 High Bowling Game
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