Friday, March 10, 2017

Bill's Blog Is Moving… Sort of! :-)

Hi all!

For years, I have tried to write roughly one blog entry per month, and when I first started, I thought "the more places I could post it, the more people I could reach."

So after I started my original blog here on Blogspot/Blogger, I eventually started posting the same content on WordPress as well.

I eventually learned that search engines do not like to see content replicated in different places.

My blog is titled "empowering wheelchair users" and was originally started to shed light on the existence of the IKAN Bowler® and how essentially any wheelchair user can now bowl. And further, how having an outlet like bowling where someone can be successful and can compete on an even "playing field"… that can help a wheelchair user to seek more independence in his/her life (so say therapeutic recreation experts).

So, when we revamped our IKAN Bowler® website on a WordPress platform, we also added a blog page so that we would continuously have newer content, and as you can imagine, that is a good spot for me to also share any of my bowling relevant posts.

However, I do also write a few posts that are not necessarily related to bowling, so for time the being, I want to keep two blogs.

For all things empowering wheelchair users, I will continue to write here:

And for wheelchair bowling related content, those posts will also go here:

But I do not plan to keep updating this site. If you're wondering, the reason I chose to stop posting here and keep posting on WordPress is because I like the format and functionality a little better on WordPress.

No worries. And thank you for your interest in my blog – God bless! :-)


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