Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Second 200+ Game for a 65 Year Young Woman with CP

Imagine not being able to physically pick up a bowling ball… and yet, also possessing the ability to bowl legitimately – and do it well. That does not sound possible, right?

The IKAN Bowler® (and the help of a caddie) makes it possible for wheelchair users like myself and my friend Lilian Strandlund.

Lilian is 65 years young, and has used a wheelchair for more than half of those years due to cerebral palsy. On April 1, 2015 she bowled her second game of 200 or better – a 202 in her women's league – and that is not an April fools joke.

Lilian, among other things, is also a mom, wife, artist, children's book author (the previous link has both, and here's  the first and second on Amazon), and college graduate – and her 215 makes her a world record holder in several categories of bowling.

The goal of bowling (for most folks) should be to have fun, and potentially be competitive. Good scores are relative to the bowler, but bowling 200 or better is particularly noteworthy for a wheelchair user. To my knowledge, seven IKAN Users are in the 200 Club.

Here is Lilian's scoresheet (click to enlarge it):

Way to go Lilian! :-)

Bill Miller :-)
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