Thursday, March 31, 2016

3rd Annual Bowl-A-Thon for Rhonda

The last two years, many folks have contributed to successful bowl-a-thon fundraisers to help keep my friend and fellow quadriplegic, Rhonda Reese, out of a nursing home. And I thank you all, most sincerely – collectively it's been a huge help. But I have pledged to organize annual bowl-a-thons to help keep her living in a community setting as long as possible. (The general thought of a quadriplegic trying to live in a nursing home… it is tough for me to bear.)

So, on May 14, 2016 we are having the "3rd Annual Bowl-A-Thon for Rhonda" at AMF Leesburg Lanes from roughly 4-6 PM, coinciding with our Quad Squad outing. Details and helpful materials are here:

Rhonda lost both her parents in 2012. She is paralyzed from the chest down and 49 years young. Nursing homes generally are not well equipped to provide the care quadriplegics need.

If you want to sponsor a bowler, bowl yourself and seek sponsors, share this info, or "just" make a donation… any or all would be much appreciated. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you – and may God bless us all.


William A. Miller, BSBA, ME
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