Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Smother Movie on TV

The movie Smother, a comedy & drama starring Diane Keaton and Liv Tyler, is on TV nationwide in the U.S. five times in the next week. Why am I mentioning it on my blog?

Our IKAN Bowler was selected as a product to be used in the movie. It has a brief appearance, and a slightly odd one at that. I don't want to give anything away (to spoil the scene) but I will say the IKAN Bowler is attached to a three-wheeled scooter. That was a shock to us, since it's designed for wheelchairs. However, we were impressed that the Hollywood people were able to attach it to a scooter, and we are looking into the possibility of adapting our IKAN Bowler for use with common three-wheeled scooters that people with limited mobility use.

So, if you're interested in watching Smother, here's the upcoming schedule:

Sat. Jan. 3 9:00 PM Eastern on Lifetime
Sun. Jan. 4 12:00 AM Eastern on Lifetime
Sun. Jan. 4 9:00 PM Eastern on Lifetime
Mon. Jan. 5 12:00 AM Eastern on Lifetime
Tue. Jan. 6 9:00 PM Eastern on Lifetime

Here's the link where I got the above TV info:

Here's the link for more on Smother:

AND, here's the link if you want to see video of how the IKAN Bowler works with wheelchairs:

May all who read this have a Happy New Year and BLESSED 2009!

Bill Miller :-)
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