Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Tribute to Aaron Parker

My friend and fellow Quad Squad bowler Aaron Parker passed away peacefully in his sleep on the morning of April 24, after a short battle with cancer (I say short because his cancer was discovered approximately 2 weeks before his passing). He is free from paralysis for the first time since July 1, 1981 and he is now walking the streets of heaven.

First, as part of this tribute, I want to say that it is pretty amazing that Aaron lived successfully as a C7 quadriplegic for nearly 33 years. Aaron was a son, brother, husband, cousin, and friend to many, but probably the first word that he would use to describe himself is: Christian.

Aaron was one of our most regular bowlers at Quad Squad bowling. He loved bowling and the fellowship of our group. Aaron would lead us in prayer before we would begin bowling. In the prayer, Aaron would start with "Dear Heavenly Father," and, rain or shine, he would give thanks to the Lord for the beautiful day, for the members of our group (which includes volunteers) both present and absent, and especially for "Jesus and all he has done for us."

Here is the write up of Aaron's best bowling day:

This blog is about empowering wheelchair users. Aaron would gladly tell any wheelchair user, or any person, that the most empowering thing that a person can do is to repent our sins and accept the gift of Jesus Christ. Because doing so takes the fear out of dying and ensures that we will have eternal life in heaven – without paralysis, pain, or illness of any kind.

Every time that I remember seeing Aaron, he was always positive, upbeat, and quick to smile – regardless of circumstances – all of which stemmed from his Christian faith. I am a Christian also, and if you would like to know more about the gift of Jesus and becoming a Christian, please contact me.

Aaron used to conclude his emails with "In Christ Jesus," which is how I will conclude this tribute to Aaron.

Enjoy heaven Aaron, and I will see you up there in time my friend.

In Christ Jesus,

Bill Miller :-)
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