Thursday, June 30, 2016

Yet Another New Bowling Record for Wheelchair Users Driving by Head Array

Mike Murach has done it again! :-)

Bowling with family and friends recently, Mike literally rolled to a 190 in his second game.

In his email to me with the good news, he pointed out the disparity between his first and second game (113 and 190) and later wished he had another chance at picking up his spare in the 10th frame (if he had converted it, nine pins with his bonus ball would have given him 200).

No worries – bowling 190 and setting a new record for oneself (and others) is a good day!

And bowling is always fun, but rolling a 190 in front of your wife and buddies is extra enjoyable when you are the one in the group who uses a wheelchair.

Here is the link for more info and their score sheet:

Way to Go Mike! :-)

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