Saturday, August 31, 2013

Help for Rhonda--Updated

Rhonda is doing pretty well, but without the collective generosity of others, she will likely have to move to a nursing home sometime in 2014 when she's either 47 or 48.

We just updated the goal amount for her fundraiser to $90,000.  We're hoping that is a fairly feasible goal.  Originally we estimated the amount it would take for Rhonda to stay in her apartment and to afford her care for the next ten years, but that amount (over $500,000) seemed unrealistic (unless a very wealthy philanthropist happened across her fundraiser).

Every donation helps.  Rhonda is quite possibly the most grateful person I know.

Here's the link, and thank you for your consideration and potential generosity:

May God bless Rhonda and everyone reading this.

Bill Miller :-)
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