Sunday, June 1, 2008

IKAN User Profile: Vicki Price, Minnesota

Vicki Price is an active high school student in Minnesota, and happens to have Cerebral Palsy (the type of CP that necessitates wheelchair use, similar to what Melissa Sino has, who I profiled with my previous blog entry). According to her father Scott, Vicki LOVES to bowl. She also loves horses, computer and board games, shopping, baking, FISHING and many other activities.

Regarding bowling, Scott wrote, "in the state of MN, bowling is one of 4 adapted sports that is sanctioned by the Minnesota State High School League. As such, the kids can earn varsity letters. They can also participate in the state tournament (if they qualify) and earn medals. It is a very wonderful program for all participants. We approached the coach of our bowling team and made a request for the bowling arm (IKAN Bowler) after I had done some research on the Internet. We were successful in getting approval to have the bowling arm purchased for use by my daughter. We have used the IKAN Bowler for about a year now and really, really love it!"

Thanks Scott and Vicki! Here's Vicki's profile info...

Name: Vicki Price
Age: 16
Location: Andover, MN (outside of Minneapolis)
Reason for Wheelchair Use: Spastic Quadreparesis Cerebral Palsy
Onset or Injury Date: Birth
Wheelchair Operation Method: Head array
High Bowling Score: 127
Approximate Bowling Average: 73
Typical Range of Scores: 50-90
Bowling Frequency: Once a week for a recreational adapted bowling league during the winter months. Twice a week during the adapted bowling season for high school.
Bowling Ball(s): A 14 pound alley ball (can you say "free"?:)
Quote from Vicki: "Let's go fishing!" (Vicki fishes with adapted equipment; it's setup so that when a bobber disappears, Vicki can hit a switch with her head, and it reels in her fish -- Scott says Vicki routinely out-fishes him -- keep up the good work Vicki!:)

Here's an article about Vicki and her activities:

Here's a video about Vicki, as a success story for EasyStand, and they even show her bowling:

Scott Price has a blog titled "Raising Prices" which sheds light on raising six adopted children (including Vicki) who all have special needs of some sort:

Keep up the good work, Scott and family, and God bless!

Bill Miller :-)
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