Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Record for Female Bowlers with MD

My friend and fellow Central Florida Quad Squad Bowler Peggy Overbey reset her personal bowling record, which also happens to be the dynamic wheelchair bowling record for females with Muscular Dystrophy.

Peggy was somewhat "starting from scratch" because she purchased a new ball, and is/was trying to figure it out at Quad Squad Bowling.

So, it wasn't really surprising that she started off with a 93, but she improved to 114 in her second game.  And she kept the upward momentum going and achieved a 138 in her third game, which is the new record for female bowlers with MD.  She had six marks (all spares) in the game, which means she pretty well earned that 138.

Peggy is doing what I suggest new IKAN Users do -- that is simply try to keep beating your personal best when you bowl.  It's easier said (or written:) than done, but that's how you can demonstrate improvement.  In that way, you're competing with yourself.  (Although it's quite fun to try to beat your friends and/or caregivers too!:)

Dynamic wheelchair bowling is a fun, yet challenging sport, and it's not super easy to get the ball where you want it everytime, or even the vast majority of the time.  I have a ton of experience, and though I've broken 200 ten times, my average is probably about 150.  And some days my average is below 150.

No worries -- it's still fun!  :-)

For "Keys and Tips for Dynamic Wheelchair Bowling" click HERE.

Peggy's new record scoresheet is HERE.

For Peggy's quite impressive first IKAN experience, click HERE.

Keep up the good work Peggy!
Bill Miller :-)
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