Monday, March 31, 2014

Rhonda's Bowl-a-thon Wrapup

Rhonda's Bowl-a-thon went great! We had an excellent turnout of Quad Squad folks and able-bodied friends and family, with plenty of good bowling and good fun for all. And more importantly, we did a significant amount of good for Rhonda.

Rhonda said she was overwhelmed by all the support and quite grateful for the efforts that everyone contributed, which should allow her to remain in her apartment at least through 2014.

The wheelchair/IKAN Bowler® users had these high games: Melissa 91, Brenda 100, Aaron 133, Lilian 145, Rhonda 168, Peggy 173, and Bill 192. Quite a few able-bodied folks bowled also, but I could not begin to list all their scores.

The bowl-a-thon was set up for users to bowl three games, and to collect money from sponsors who pledged a certain amount per pin based on the bowler's highest of the three games. Before the bowl-a-thon, thanks to the collective generosity of quite a few friends and family members, I was able to garner pledges that meant I would be bowling for more than $8 per pin. My average is about 155, so if I bowled my average, it would result in over $1200 for Rhonda. With that much per pin, quite frankly, I was feeling some pressure to bowl well.

As the below scoresheet shows, I was sharing a lane with my uncle TJ, and I had a 160, 167, and 192:

Under the circumstances, I actually think it was the best three-game series that I have ever bowled, and I believe I had some heavenly help. With the pressure of wanting to help Rhonda as much as possible, I managed to start with a game above my average, and increase my highest score for the bowl-a-thon with each game. Not only that, but I converted every single non-split spare of the three-game series. I'm almost positive that I have never done that before. And even though I have had 23 games of 200 or better, I have not had that many games without an open frame. In the last game, the 192, I had either a spare or strike in each frame.

All glory to God, and may God bless Rhonda and everyone who contributed to her bowl-a-thon.

If you want to know more about Rhonda, why we chose to do a bowl-a-thon for her, how it was set up, etc., please visit this link:

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