Sunday, January 31, 2010

First-Time IKAN User Sets Female MD Record

Peggy Overbey, a 44-year-young woman who was born with a type of Muscular Dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy, bowled remarkably well for a first-time IKAN User, and in doing so, set the initial pace for female bowlers with MD.

Peggy is our newest Central Florida Quad Squad member, and when she told me she was finally going to be able to bowl with us, I tried to give her realistic expectations for her first IKAN experience.  I mentioned that any score approaching 100 in her first three games would be a solid start, and breaking 100 in any of her first three games would be an excellent start.

A typical first game involves trying to get familiar with how the ball will break when setup in certain positions and the overall process of bowling dynamically.  That doesn't usually result in very good scores, and Peggy's 77 was pretty typical.  Her next game was not.

Not only did Peggy break 100 in just her second game, she had FIVE marks and bowled a 129!  And to prove it wasn't a fluke or beginner's luck, she topped it with a 135 in her third game!  But she wasn't done.

She kept demonstrating a solid feel for bowling and added a 125 and 134 in games four and five.  Even including the 77, Peggy averaged 120 for her first five games -- that's impressive!

Five games is quite a bit of bowling, but Peggy was having so much fun, she wanted to bowl a sixth game, and she did.  But I think she got tired and lost a bit of focus, and consequently scored a 75.  Nonetheless, it was an amazing first IKAN experience, and Peggy's 135 is the initial record for female bowlers with MD.

I was most impressed that her approach and ball placement were so solid; she knew where the ball needed to go for the particular shot, and she executed shots quite well.  Even when she missed, it wasn't by much.  So that 135 probably won't stand very long.  But it's a GREAT start!

CONGRATULATIONS PEGGY and keep up the good work!  :-)

Oh, and for any other females with MD who may read this, I'm certain Peggy would encourage and welcome the competition.  Any wheelchair user can bowl with an IKAN Bowler.

Peggy's scoresheet is HERE.

And no worries -- I'll gladly update the female with MD record whenever it's broken!

Bill Miller  :-)
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