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IKAN User Profile: Angie Keiser, Florida

Angie Keiser is a delightful woman who is 65-years-young and also a friend & fellow Central Florida Quad Squad member. Angie is actually a paraplegic, and has taken a challenge that many younger paraplegics have yet to attempt, and that is to try dynamic bowling with a manual wheelchair. Dynamic bowling uses the movement of the wheelchair to simulate the able-bodied bowling process (i.e. setup, physically approach the foul line and release the ball from the momentum of the stopping wheelchair) which is what using the IKAN Bowler enables any wheelchair user to do.

I actually think using a manual wheelchair is harder than bowling dynamically with a power wheelchair, which makes Angie's record score even more impressive. Since Angie is the first manual wheelchair user to bowl somewhat extensively with the IKAN Bowler, I believe her very respectable 138 is the current world record for dynamic wheelchair bowling (as described above).

Congratulations Angie and keep up the good work trying to raise the bar for manual wheelchair users! :-)

Here's a link to Angie's scoresheet:

Here is the master list of dynamic wheelchair bowling records:

Here are Angie's IKAN User profile answers:

Name: Angie Keiser
Age: 65
Location: Eustis, Florida
Reason for Wheelchair Use: Spinal Cord Injury at T6 (Incomplete paralysis from sternum down).
Onset of Injury Date: December 23, 1995 (age 52)
Wheelchair Operation Method: Manual
High Bowling Score: 138
Approx. Bowling Average: 103
Typical Range of Scores: 53-135
Bowing Frequency: Twice a month for four months. Love to do more. Need my own IKAN equipment and someone to come with me who knows how it works. [Bill here, we can easily teach anyone how it works, no worries.]
Bowling Ball: Bill's extra ball - I think its 16 lb. - don't know make. Ball has a tendency to curve when thrown. [Bill here, I need to explain more about bowling balls and also offer general IKAN User tips, which I will make a blog entry out of, and I'll definitely share it with you Angie.]
Quote from Angie: "Bowling makes me feel alive!"

I love your quote, thanks Angie!

Bill Miller :-)
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